When you want to be sure that you are able to travel with no problem, you’ll need to have your protocol and ducks in a row. By doing this, you’ll have all that you need in order to stay on par with the law and make sure that you are eligible. One program that you should stay eligible for is a visa waiver program. With this in mind, read these points below and use them in order to learn all that you can about the USA ESTA visa waiver program.

#1: Make sure that the country is a participating one

The very first thing that you should keep in mind is that not all countries are eligible for the visa waiver program. So with this in mind, make sure that you check the list of eligible countries to give yourself the opportunity to apply accordingly. Some examples of countries that participate include Finland, France and Germany. If you belong as a citizen of one of these countries, you should be able to meet the eligibility requirements and give yourself the help that you need.

#2: Follow the protocol and application process

The next thing you must do is ensure that you follow the proper protocol in order to apply for a visa waiver. This is an application process that revolves around getting in touch with your resident EFTA office to ensure your eligibility along the way. They will tell you all about the best ways to get your application in and pay the necessary fees required to make sure the application is well taken care of.

#3: Renew your visa in a timely manner

By taking advantage of the application process, you will be able to receive a visa waiver with no issue. The quicker you get it in, the quicker you will be able to receive your visa. With this in mind, you should also make sure that you renew your pass no less than 30 days before it is set to expire. This way, you will be able to stay within the United States without having to complete the process all over again. This waiver is good for 90 days at a time, so continuously check your eligibility and stay out in front of the deadlines.

Factor in these tips and use them in order to participate in the Visa waiver program with no problems.