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ETA Canada Requirements

There is an informative website that explains Canada ETA visa. What is ETA Canada? ETA stands for electronic travel authorization and Canada has introduced this entry requirement for anyone who is a visa exempt foreign national who wants to travel into Canada by air. Canada introduced this new system so that they could tailor screening requirements by individual travelers. This new format would make it a lot easier for low-risk travelers to enter into Canada.

Prior to this arrangement a traveler would have to be screened at whatever Canadian port of entry they arrived. The Canadian government knew that each year there were more exempt foreign nationals coming into Canada as opposed to those who had a visa. Excluding the United States of America, the number of these exempt foreign nationals arriving into the country represented almost 74% of all foreign national visits.

Someone who is a foreign national and visa exempt is someone who is not a citizen of Canada or who does not have a permanent resident status. It will be someone who typically does not need a visa to enter Canada. Some of the countries that can utilize an ETA include Australia, Belgium, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, and many others. ETAs came into existence on August 1, 2015 and as mentioned previously if you are a US citizen then you will not be required to have a visa or ETA. You will however require proper identification such as a passport.

An ETA application will be in most cases approved within a few minutes after applying. This will allow a person to fill out their application close to their departure date. It is advisable however to submit an application as soon as possible because there are certain requests that may require a little bit more time to process than others. If your request does require more time then you will be notified within 72 hours about which further steps are necessary to take.

A family member or friend can complete your online application form. Once you have a valid ETA then you will be able to make multiple visits into Canada. The applications are very straightforward and normally only take a few minutes to fill out and submit. An application will require your name, place and date of birth, address, gender, nationality, and passport information. There is also a question about the amount of funds you have when entering Canada and any contact information.