Why You Need ESTA Visa and How To Apply


Apart from your passport, money and personal belongings, visitors to the US need to apply for ESTA visa before traveling.

What’s ESTA?

ESTA is an online based electronic system that is used to determine whether a person is eligible for traveling to the United States. However, the final decision to authorize entry is made by the Customs and Border Protection officers.

ESTA is mandatory and should be sought by all travelers from countries that are under the Visa Waiver Program.

This program allows people from the countries that are members to visit the United States of America without a visa for up to ninety days.

Why Was ESTA Introduced?

Set in the wake of 9/11 attacks, the United States Department of Homeland Security implemented ESTA with the aim to help prevent undesirable citizens of countries under VWP from entering the US.

This system is not intended to hamper tourism or commerce, but to filter out those individuals considered to be a security threat to the United States.

ESTA Application

ESTA can only be applied online. You should visit the official site and complete the application form. As long as you have your passport details close, it should not take more than 10 minutes.

The application process will give one of these responses:

Authorization Approved- This means you’re cleared to travel to the US.

Travel Not Authorized- You aren’t cleared to travel and you should visit the US Embassy or Consulate to apply for a paper travel visa.

Authorization Pending- The application needs more time before a decision can be made.

How Long Does the Processing Take?

Once you have submitted the ESTA form, it is queried against the US Law database. However, this just takes a few seconds and most of the applications are determined under a minute. Even so, it is advisable to apply at least 72 hours before the day of departure. In fact, it’s better to apply as soon as you decide to travel just in case authorization is denied. That’s because it can take up to 2 months to get an appointment at the US Embassy.

How Long is It Valid?

Esta is valid for up to 2 years unless your passport expires before this period is over. It also allows for multiple entries to the US of up to 90 days each. If you get a new passport during this period, you need to reapply for ESTA.

Visum USA – What You Should Know

Visum USA

If you just typed “visum USA” on Google, you probably have plans of traveling to the United States and are looking for information on visa requirements. Well, we are here to tell you that if you are a citizen of a country that is part of the US visa waiver program, you do NOT need to apply for a visa. You only need travel authorization.

If you are not quite sure whether or not your country is part of the visa waiver program, go to the website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/. It’s actually the page where you apply for travel authorization, however, you will find plenty of information there, and you will find the complete list of countries whose citizens can travel visa-free to the America.

With travel authorization, you can apply directly on the website and you only need to present your passport, contact information and employment information. You will be required to pay the $14 application fee.

If your country is not in the list, then you will need to apply for a visa. What is a visa? It is permission to travel to your destination country. Visum USA means visa to the United States.

For people who belong to so-called third world countries, getting a visa approved can be very difficult. For one, there must be proof that the applicant will go back to his country before the visa expires. Aside from this, applicants need to prove that they have enough money to fund their stay. And there are other requirements that must submitted with the visa application.

If you are serious about traveling to the United States with a visa, you should go to the US embassy in your country to get details on the requirements. Don’t just rely on information on the Internet.

Discover more about the USA ESTA here.

How To Apply For An ESTA Visa

If you are thinking about traveling to the United States, you will need to apply for an ESTA visa. The ESTA visa is required by any citizen of a visa waiver company. If you are one of these citizens, you need to know how to apply for the visa.

The Application Process

To apply for an ESTA, you will need to have access to a computer as the application can only be done online. The application will only take around 10 minutes to complete, but you need to ensure that everything is done correctly. If English is not your native language, you will be able to complete the view the application in 22 different languages, but the answers need to be provided in English only.

It is important that you complete the application before you book any parts of your holiday so you do not lose money if your application is rejected. To fill in the application, you will need to have your passport details such as the number, the issue and the expiry date. You also need to provide contact details, but the information about where you will be staying in the US can be added or amended after the application.

The ESTA application will need to be completed on an individual basis. This means that group applications will not be accepted, but you may be able to apply on behalf of other people. To do this, you will need to have all of their information as well.

Once you submit your application, you will need to pay an application fee. This fee can be paid by credit or debit card and should never be more than $14. It is important to note that this fee is non-refundable and you will be charged even if your application is rejected.

After submitting your application, you will generally receive a confirmation via email. The visa does take around 72 hours to be processed and you will not be able to chase up the status. The visa will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue or until the passport your visa is related to expires.

If your ESTA visa is rejected, you will still be able to apply for a non-immigrant visa at the US embassy. This is the visa that citizens from countries that do not have a visa waiver agreement with the US will need to have to travel.

Grand Canyon Tours From Phoenix – Your Ultimate Guide

Grand Canyon Tours From Phoenix

If you’re going to be visiting Phoenix anytime soon, then something you won’t want to miss out on will be a Grand Canyon tour. In fact, grand canyon tours from phoenix are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, and it’s safe to say that it will be a highlight of your year whenever you have the opportunity to take part in one of these tours.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at what will happen when you opt for grand canyon tours from phoenix, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

First of all, you can usually choose between either a one day or a two-day Grand Canyon tour, and if you have the time available in your schedule, then it is well worth opting for the two-day tour whenever you have the option to do so. Just as you’d expect, taking a full two days to tour the Grand Canyon will allow you to explore many of the trails available, and you’ll certainly get a much better sense of what this incredible natural attraction has to offer you.

In most cases, these tours are fully guided, so you will not only be safe during your travels, but you will also learn far more about the natural history of the environment, as well as see some of the most incredible sights that you may not have been able to find on your own.

Of course, there are a number of incredible viewpoints available from various parts of the tour, with the East Rim of the canyon being a particular favorite that many people like to see. Furthermore, making the decision to enjoy a two or even a three-day tour will mean you can explore the Grand Canyon at a much more relaxed pace, allowing you to fully take in the experience.

It’s also wise to be prepared for a rather long day, as a full day tour can vary from anywhere between 7 and 13 hours, so it’s a good idea to make sure you are dressed for the occasion, as well as equipped with all of the necessary food and supplies to make sure you are comfortable during your trip. You’ll also need adequate sun protection, particularly if you are traveling during those warmer summer months, as the desert climate is often much hotter than most people are expecting. However, it certainly won’t take you too long to acclimatize.

ETA Canada Requirements

There is an informative website that explains Canada ETA visa. What is ETA Canada? ETA stands for electronic travel authorization and Canada has introduced this entry requirement for anyone who is a visa exempt foreign national who wants to travel into Canada by air. Canada introduced this new system so that they could tailor screening requirements by individual travelers. This new format would make it a lot easier for low-risk travelers to enter into Canada.

Prior to this arrangement a traveler would have to be screened at whatever Canadian port of entry they arrived. The Canadian government knew that each year there were more exempt foreign nationals coming into Canada as opposed to those who had a visa. Excluding the United States of America, the number of these exempt foreign nationals arriving into the country represented almost 74% of all foreign national visits.

Someone who is a foreign national and visa exempt is someone who is not a citizen of Canada or who does not have a permanent resident status. It will be someone who typically does not need a visa to enter Canada. Some of the countries that can utilize an ETA include Australia, Belgium, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, and many others. ETAs came into existence on August 1, 2015 and as mentioned previously if you are a US citizen then you will not be required to have a visa or ETA. You will however require proper identification such as a passport.

An ETA application will be in most cases approved within a few minutes after applying. This will allow a person to fill out their application close to their departure date. It is advisable however to submit an application as soon as possible because there are certain requests that may require a little bit more time to process than others. If your request does require more time then you will be notified within 72 hours about which further steps are necessary to take.

A family member or friend can complete your online application form. Once you have a valid ETA then you will be able to make multiple visits into Canada. The applications are very straightforward and normally only take a few minutes to fill out and submit. An application will require your name, place and date of birth, address, gender, nationality, and passport information. There is also a question about the amount of funds you have when entering Canada and any contact information.

Electronic Travel Authorization for India – e-Tourist Visa

The Government of India has recently established an e-Tourist Visa (eTV) program for a select number of countries. Travelers looking forward to visit India must hold a valid Indian Visa. Presently, travellers from 150 countries can apply for an Indian Visa from the comfort of their home by filling out the Visa application form online. The Indian e-Tourist Visa is processed and issued electronically and is sent to the applicant via email. Visitors must carry a copy of theirVisa when travelling. Upon arrival in India, visitors will have their biometric information taken at the airport. Be sure to check out indian e visa for more information.

The Magic of India

India is a country rich in culture, history and diversity. Approximately 840,000 British visitors travelled to India in 2014, according to figures from the Indian Ministry of Tourism. India attracts all kinds of people: the adventurous, the spiritual, the entrepreneurial, the curious and the creative. From student backpackers to corporate executives. People visit for a variety of reasons, from wanting to see the Taj Mahal, to attending a cliente meeting, to experiencing the tiger reserves, to staying in an ashram, to visiting family or simply for a different type of beach holiday.

Visiting India Has Been Made Easier

India requires visitors from the UK, and many other countries, to apply for a visa before travelling. In November 2014, they began to make the process easier for a few countries by establishing the E-Tourist Visa; an online visa application. On 15 August, 2015 India extended the scheme to include the UK as part of the 150 eligible countries. That’s good news for you and good news for India, as visa application can be daunting and put people off travelling to certain destinations.

The E-Tourist Visa

Applications are made online and can be made from 34 days, to up to 4 days, before your arrival in India.You must print out your visa and carry it with you whilst you travel. It is valid for up to 30 days and for a single entry into the country. Two e-Tourist Visas can be granted within any one year. If it is your intention to travel for more than 30 days, or to visit more than twice in any one year, you are still able to apply for a traditional visa. Whilst travelling on an e-Tourist Visa, you must arrive at one of 16 designated airports. On arrival you will be subjected to a biometric detail check at immigration where your photograph and fingerprints are taken.

Easy Ways To Find The Best Hotels Manchester Has

If you are looking to stay in the Manchester area overnight, you may be looking for a great hotel to stay in. Finding a good hotel is important and will make your experience in the area a better one. Here you will learn a few easy ways to find the best hotels Manchester has in the area.

Search for hotels Manchester has online. Look at the different hotels and see what they are rated and if there are reviews about them with their Google listing. Read over the reviews and see if they have any rooms available on the night or nights you want to stay there.

Search websites that offer travel advice and reviews. Trip Advisor is a great website to go to and learn about hotels and other activities and things to do in the area. This website has lots of information and reviews from other people that have traveled to the area and stayed in hotels or went to other attractions while they were there. Read these reviews and decide which hotel is best for your needs.

If you have any friends that have recently stayed in a hotel in Manchester, ask them which one they went to. See if they can recommend a good one to stay at while you are there. You can also ask this on social media to get responses from a variety of your friends. You may have friends that have visited Manchester and they can help you choose the best hotel. Try asking in Manchester Facebook groups to and see what locals that live in the area can tell you about the hotels there.

Search the hotel name and reviews. This will give you other websites that contain information from people that have stayed in these hotels. Look over the reviews and see if there is information for other hotels in the area too. Look over the reviews.

Finding the best hotels Manchester has around is easy when you use this advice. Do your research and visit several websites to see reviews about hotels in the area before you decide where you want to stay. Make sure there are rooms available on the night you want to stay and make your reservations. Get started now and you will be able to find the best hotel to stay in while you are in the Manchester area.



When you want to be sure that you are able to travel with no problem, you’ll need to have your protocol and ducks in a row. By doing this, you’ll have all that you need in order to stay on par with the law and make sure that you are eligible. One program that you should stay eligible for is a visa waiver program. With this in mind, read these points below and use them in order to learn all that you can about the USA ESTA visa waiver program.

#1: Make sure that the country is a participating one

The very first thing that you should keep in mind is that not all countries are eligible for the visa waiver program. So with this in mind, make sure that you check the list of eligible countries to give yourself the opportunity to apply accordingly. Some examples of countries that participate include Finland, France and Germany. If you belong as a citizen of one of these countries, you should be able to meet the eligibility requirements and give yourself the help that you need.

#2: Follow the protocol and application process

The next thing you must do is ensure that you follow the proper protocol in order to apply for a visa waiver. This is an application process that revolves around getting in touch with your resident EFTA office to ensure your eligibility along the way. They will tell you all about the best ways to get your application in and pay the necessary fees required to make sure the application is well taken care of.

#3: Renew your visa in a timely manner

By taking advantage of the application process, you will be able to receive a visa waiver with no issue. The quicker you get it in, the quicker you will be able to receive your visa. With this in mind, you should also make sure that you renew your pass no less than 30 days before it is set to expire. This way, you will be able to stay within the United States without having to complete the process all over again. This waiver is good for 90 days at a time, so continuously check your eligibility and stay out in front of the deadlines.

Factor in these tips and use them in order to participate in the Visa waiver program with no problems.